Marimar Vega talks about her situation for the first time after thunder with Horacio Pancheri

“I have been working on myself for many years, trying to be happy with what there is, not with what there is not, being very grateful, beautiful things happen in my life, I am surrounded by beautiful people, I have a job that I love,” she said. Vega during his meeting with different reporters in Mexico City.

Marimar Vega confesses to us that she was begging with Horacio Pancheri

On the speculations that indicate her to be unfaithful to Horatio with a producer, the daughter of Gonzalo vega commented:

“I’m used to it, you know, the truth is that that is also part of everything, I no longer get hooked, and you know who you are, you know the truth, I think one now talks a lot about spirituality and I think that spirituality only He speaks congruently and I try to be congruent with what I say, with what I am, and then those things do not affect me because they are not true; it is no longer worth it (to talk about it) ”.

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