Marilia de Ella dances alone tests positive for covid and forces her to do her interview of ‘El hormiguero’ by video call

The anthill was going to conclude the week with the visit of Marta and Marilia, the members of the duo She dances alone, which triumphed in the 90s with songs like Amores de barra or When sapos dance flamenco.

But In the end they could not go to the set of the Antena 3 space after testing positive for the Marilia coronavirus. “We have done the usual protocol of performing PCR on everyone and she has tested positive,” commented Pablo Motos.

“Marta is vaccinated because she lives in the United States, but the Spanish protocol says that she has to be in quarantine and cannot be present”explained the presenter.

Pablo Motos, in ‘El hormiguero’. ATRESMEDIA

And he added that “in our country, a vaccinated person has to keep quarantine the same because, although there are indications that a vaccinated person would not infect, it is not yet scientifically proven and until that happens … what the law says is that they cannot be on the set“.

“The three of us are a bit down, but Marta and Marilia are on a video call”, said the presenter, who interviewed them remotely and where they commented on their return, their next tour and other curiosities of their return to the stage after 20 years apart: “As soon as you have the first single you will come back and sing it live”commented the presenter.