Maribel Guardia’s mini swimsuit that made her fans sweat

Maribel Guardia’s mini swimsuit that made her fans sweat | INSTAGRAM

On many occasions we have been able to see the beautiful actress Y Costa Rican driver Maribel Guardia in swimsuitHowever, a few years ago he shared one that made him see more spectacular than ever before.

On this occasion we will address such a photograph, in which he is wearing a melon color swimsuit that made his fans sigh and sweat when they appreciated the piece of entertainment in which he was modeling from a yacht.

That’s right, the photo shoot happened on a ride on I already, just when he was 58 years old and no one was going to imagine that now in 2021 at 62 years old he would continue to look the same beautifull and with a still enviable figure.

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On that occasion his fans managed to enjoy the snapshot in the social media of the driver and was also shared by an account of Twitter who was in charge of preserving them until today, so we share it with you so you can enjoy it.

Currently the beautiful model is working in a new stage of her life as influencer sharing images modeling some of the garments that come to her by parcel from those stores that seek to make themselves known through her.


If you take a little look at her Instagram you will find that lately she has been receiving some incredible and elegant dresses with which she looks imposing and also takes the opportunity to send blessings and good vibes to all the users who come to her profile.

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In addition, she also receives sports outfits because the brands know that she spends her time exercising in her own personal gym, which she has surrounded by photographs of her with which she motivates herself to remain just as beautiful.

This new stage has allowed her to open her way on the Internet and be a great success as she has always done, using her popularity to promote the products that she has already approved and what she found to be fantastic.

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