Maribel Guardia with huge shiny ring and pale pink dress | Instagram photo

From Costa Rica to the world! Maribel Guardia She is one of the most beautiful celebrities proudly adopted in Mexico and, the truth is that this time of home protection has not been noticed or that little bit of emotional instability, which many are going through. Unlike, she poses with a huge ring of diamonds and a pale pink dress.

The truth is that Maribel Guardia is one of the celebrities who have stayed at home respecting preventive measures to the letter.. In fact, she could not spend mothers day, next to her older sister, who she considers as her second mother. However, she is taking advantage to fully enjoy her grandson, her son and daughter-in-law.

Maribel Guardia with huge ring of diamonds

Meanwhile, Maribel Guardia, She wore a nude color on the lips, with that natural touch, simply the perfect lipstick to hydrate and give the volume that everyone needs. In addition, she chose the pale pink color, a soft tone that gives it that romantic touch, especially, highlights her white skin.

Incidentally, she wore a huge ring of diamonds, which gave that attractive touch to the outfit. Of course, the long earrings could not miss and the black color on her nails gave her the right contrast. A tricolor style that made it clear that Maribel Guardia, It has an excellent taste when dressing.

Maribel Guardia, wrote:

It is not necessary to say everything that is thought, what is necessary is to think everything that is said (Quino) Happy #Saturday #quedateencasa and that God protect us #aretes @vibrasjewellery #picture @winniedalay

As for the upper cut, it went for something oval that allowed to appreciate its attributes. Once again she makes it clear that in life what matters the least is age and that she is a beautiful granny.