Maribel Guardia shows flower dress and teaches more in networks | Maribel Guardia Instagram Special

Singer and actress Maribel Guardia makes a stir through his Instagram account by showing a photograph where he shows a flirty floral dressHowever, the dress has an A-shaped cut at the bottom, where her toned body looks and teaches more. Maribel Guardia Through social networks It shows the beauty and its figure resulting from exercise and care.

Once again, actress Maribel steals the sighs of users on social networks, showing that at 60 she looks better than ever and that she has nothing to envy younger women, being that has become one of the aspirational beauty figures in Latin America by many women.

As we well know, the actress has made it very clear that her beauty is not a miracle, so during this quarantine it has been living proof that beauty and the slender and toned body is based on discipline, daily exercise, healthy food and to be a very happy and grateful woman with her family and her work.

Maribel Guardía falls in love with users on social networks

“There are always flowers in the world for those who have a garden in their soul. May your day be in the colors of spring ”. Those were the words Maribel wrote in her Instagram post. The dress is from Love Boutique who are one of those in charge of dressing the hosts of Televisa.

And as expected, before the beauty and sensuality of Maribel Guardia, users on social networks were quick to react, making the publication have in less than two hours more than 27 thousand likes and 500 comments from followers and friends of the singer, writing how good she always looks.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to Maribel Guardia is at the heart of several users, it has also been the sensation at Tik Tok where he has fun doing imitations and dances like Erika Buenfil with his friends and family, while he spends his time in quarantine.

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