Maribel Guardia showed off her charms by lifting her dress!

Maribel Guardia showed off her charms when she lifted her dress! (Instagram)

Maribel Guardia showed off her charms by lifting her dress! | Instagram

The renowned television host, actress, presenter and singer of Puerto Rican origin Maribel guard, again left her fans shocked, while wearing an impressive red dress that she decided to lift while showing off her shapely legs.

It is not the first time that Maribel Guardia decides to captivate her millions of fans, she usually tends to share impressive looks on her social networks, especially when it comes to showing off one of her greatest charms his pair of legs that surely drive a few crazy.

Throughout her career, the interpreter of “Tú y yo” next to the late singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian, has always been characterized by her beauty, talent and especially her physique, which today at 61 years of age is still one of the most beautiful women in all of Mexico, leaving aside other beauties even younger than her.

Perhaps one of the most characteristic and representative charms of the driver has been precisely her legs, which to this day could be said to be one of the most envied in the entire country.

Notably Maribel guard She has become a supporter of a fairly disciplined life, not only with her diet but also with exercise, which is largely the reason why at her age she continues to maintain her spectacular figure, which in fact millions of us would like to have, simply the lack discipline and decision is overwhelming, something that the driver surely lacks as she is someone quite active, something that we have seen throughout her career she never seems to be quiet.

A day ago he decided to share this fascinating image according to Internet users, in it he appears in profile lifting part of the dress and showing his legs, as you will surely remember Maribel guard She is a great supporter of enjoying life and always having a reason to be happy, so she decided to be accompanied by a very beautiful description that we present below.

Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived kisses and a nice Wednesday, “wrote Maribel Guardia.

Immediately her co-workers former collaborators, acquaintances, friends and of course her admirers, agreed with her and applauded such a motivating phrase, they also added that as always she looked like a queen.

I love the dress looks beautiful greetings from Honduras “,” How beautiful a big hug we love her too much “,” My beautiful beautiful spectacular “, wrote some Internet users.

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Something that has characterized Maribel guard is that she is continuously aware of her followers and what they share with her in her comment box, so much so is her attention that we have constantly seen her respond to them on Instagram.

Despite being a celebrity that everyone tends to adore intensely, Maribel Guardia has come to have some friction with other celebrities, personalities of the show.

She was recently invited to the Hoy Program, where it is rumored that Andrea Legarreta felt uncomfortable with her, due to the attitude she had in one of the capsules in which the singer behaved a little out of the ordinary, her character was about the teacher who scolded the students for what she had to give some “rules” to the alleged students, however it was a bit exaggerated according to the reaction of the driver Andrea Legarreta.

Outside there it is rare that Maribel Guardia is involved in a scandal or controversy, this because the actress is usually quite prudent, educated and as a whole lady knows how to behave in certain somewhat uncomfortable situations.

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