Maribel Guardia motivates her fans with a marked silhouette in the Gym

Maribel Guardia motivates her fans with a marked silhouette in the Gym (Instagram)

Maribel Guardia motivates her fans with a marked silhouette in the Gym | Instagram

The beautiful and jovial Costa Rican, Maribel Guardia, wasted beauty from the gym by showing herself in a completely sporty outfit, which unleashed a great euphoria among her followers since the beautiful artist also revealed an area of ​​her marked figure which added a lots of compliments from your account Instagram.

The social networks of the stunning Maribel guard They erupted in comments and reactions flattering the host of the morning of “Today“.

Without a doubt, Maribel Guardia has been crowned as one of the celebrities most loved by the public who show her admiration for her sympathy and undoubted beauty at all times.

As the famous herself has proven on several occasions, she is a faithful assiduous to the “fitness” life, which also contributes to maintaining the figure that has identified her as one of the most jovial and freshest actresses on the screen.

In a couple of snapshots he hung on his Instagram The charming queen of the show shared a postcard in which she appears in a pale pink sports set, the garment that fits her silhouette consists of two separate pieces that revealed her abdomen.

The energetic 61-year-old artist showed off her bold silhouette while performing one of the disciplined routines in her home’s personal gym.

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Along with the publication is a message in which the charismatic television star said goodbye to the day by sending sweet dreams to her fans.

Goodnight. May your dreams shine as bright as the stars and become reality. lookoftheday @ modafitness.xalapa


The sweet words of the goddess of entertainment undoubtedly resounded at the sight of her more than 6.1 mm of followers who immediately crammed the publication with messages and various reactions in which once again she verified the reason why she is a of the most spoiled of social networks.

The also queen of the palenques has delighted the public by opening her presentations with songs such as “Ladrona de Corazones,” La Cita “and” María de Los Guardias “.

And as everyone knows, the one who was many years ago the wife of the late singer-songwriter Joan Sebastián, better known as the “Poet of the People” led her to take great affection for this type of shows.

He has been on the screen for a long time by actively participating in the program “Hoy,” together with the team of conductors when it was still led by the producer Magda Rodríguez who unfortunately lost her life on November 1, the news shook the world of entertainment , since the director was 59 years old and apparently did not present any serious health condition.

It is worth mentioning that Maribel herself and the collaborator had a very excellent relationship, so she always had the doors open to the morning broadcast and even today, despite the fact that the remembered producer is no longer present, she is still frequently invited to the television program .

It was precisely a few days ago that the former beauty queen went to the “Hoy” forum where she participated in one of the fun sections “La Escuelita” in which she played a strict teacher who distributed a large number of corrections to the students with a hard rule, which made more than one of the presenters who made up the scene tremble.

You can also read Maribel Guardia showed off her charms by lifting her dress!

Raúl el “Negro” Araiza, Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin, Andrea Legarreta, Marysol González and Arturo Carmona are some of the faces of the program before the cameras and those who gave life to the punished students.