Maribel Guardia again caused noise in Tik Tok, but she did not do it alone, since she did it accompanied by her daughter-in-law Imelda Garza and her niece Maribel García, who proved to be good dancers.

In the first video you can see the women dancing with sports clothes the success of The Weeknd, Blinding Lights which has been a rage in Tik Tok, for which the three celebrities did not stand idly by and decided to go to the fashion with choreography.

“Maribel hears a question, I hope you don’t take it wrong, how does it feel to overshadow those girls, with your beauty?”, “This woman has better joints than me,” wrote Internet users, in the video that reached more than 300 thousand reproductions.

In another you can see the women in more formal clothes, since they did another dance, but a little more risque, since they made more daring movements, with which they conquered Tik Tok again.

“How beautiful they look, greetings and blessings”, “Beautiful my Mary, they make it spectacular, God bless you,” they wrote to the three girls.

Good relationship

Many would think that Maribel Guardia would not get along with the women in her family, but it turned out quite the opposite, since she has a perfect relationship with Imelda and Maribel, whom she sees as her own daughters, and also supports them in all their projects.

Maribel García has always been inspired by the beauty of her famous aunt, whom she says she admires every time she uploads a photo on social networks.

For her part, her daughter-in-law, Imelda Garza also calls Maribel Guardia an aunt, as it is a form of affection instilled in her family since she was little, making clear the good chemistry between the three famous ones.

Furthermore, Maribel Guardia is one of the few women in the show who takes care of scandals, starting with her family, who she protects from everything.

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