Maribel Guardia buys a Mac Mini, is disappointed and denounces Apple

Apple is one of the leading brands in the computer market, which is why the comment made by the artist drew attention.

Maribel Guardia is one of the key personalities of Mexican entertainment, thanks to the fact that she has starred in all kinds of content.

Apple recently released a MacBook Air with a chip made by Apple itself.

Apple is a widely known brand in the technology market, especially for its iPhone, but it has also been known for the category of desktop computers and laptops it has.

Despite this popularity and apparent innovation, the brand is not without criticism, such as the one Maribel guard She denounced on Instagram, where she said she was disappointed to have bought a computer in 2020 and discovered that it warned to be a 2018 model.

“What a disappointment to have to buy a @apple computer, because you need it for work, buy it online in November 2020, naturally expecting a 2020, and have a 2018 sent to you. @ You let me down,” wrote the artist.

What Guardia does not know is that 2018 was the last year of the Mac Mini’s launch, which exhibited it as a consumer who is completely unaware of the brand, despite being a tremendously famous brand among fans of the company, who if they know these kinds of details.

Apple, benchmark of innovation

Apple has been a benchmark for innovation for years, despite the fact that in its latest launches the brand has stopped innovating. Without the wow factor that Steve Jobs had us used to, Apple’s innovation has focused on the innovation of its business model, so the brand has become a key reference for consumers, due to the impact it has achieved. this tremendous company in the market, where increasingly challenging elements have been discovered, such as betting on the services segment.


The category of laptops has grown year after year, due to the mobility they offer and this has been a trend in consumer lifestyles.

As is to be expected in this type of endeavor, a common element in the use of these equipment is the opportunity that brands have found to be able to interact and do so successfully, especially when having to develop a product that to date does not they have waste.

This has been key to the growth of the laptop category, hence it is a necessary product in brands.

Experience, key in technology

Experience is key in the technology market and it is a rule that we cannot waste, in fact, a technological way that fails to develop an experience is destined to fail.

That is where Apple’s success lies in large part, since it has been able to bring its brand experience to its packaging, which has become the key point of contact between the brand and consumers.

One element that we cannot lose sight of in these efforts has to do with the way in which brands are increasingly developing guidelines, through which they manage to stand out in the market, due to the opportunity they have found in interacting with the consumer.

Winning brands in tech

Technology has been the market with the highest exponential growth, since digital and products such as smartphones were consolidated.

Given the offer that has been consolidated in the market, we have witnessed how brands have become increasingly interested in products that achieve two objectives: interact in a brand ecosystem or offer services.

In both cases, Apple is one of the winning brands with a unique proposal not only for streaming, but also for technology from the hand of products such as the iPhone, which to this day remains an excellent complement.

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