Maribel Guardia and Lourdes Munguía challenge fans on Instagram

Maribel Guardia and Lourdes Munguía challenge fans on Instagram (Instagram)

Maribel Guardia and Lourdes Munguía challenge fans on Instagram | Instagram

A recent photograph would unite two queens of television, Maribel Guardia and Lourdes Munguía who appeared together causing a stir among their fans.

It was through Instagram that Maribel guard Y Lourdes Munguía They shared a great moment after several years of friendship that has united them, which leaves no doubt about that well-known saying, God makes them and they come together!

Two of the most beautiful celebrities on television have stayed together thanks to a beautiful friendship In addition to the fact that both have several things in common, such as their several years of experience and their remarkable beauty, which still makes them shine in each space they occupy.

Apparently, Maribel and Lourdes, have exchanged a great affection almost like that of two sisters and in honor of the bond that unites them, they shared a snapshot with their fans where both were very affectionate.

The television stars made it clear that “their friendship” is one of the things they treasure the most and questioned their fans if they have good friends?

I love being with you @ lourdes.munguia … So many years together. You always make me laugh with your sense of humor, your grace and your joy. Do you have good friends?

According to the image, the jovial artists have shared many moments together, both sad and happy and they have been the support of each one when they have needed it.

It is worth mentioning that at the same time as the publication, the reactions were shown immediately, among them those of some celebrities who celebrated their great relationship with the beautiful women.

Pair of aces !!, wrote the actor Ferdinando Valencia, one of the first to react to the publication.

Guapas, followed by a sticker of red roses would arrive from former wrestler and television star, Latin Lover.

Pair of beautiful !!!!, wrote the histrionic Alejandra Barros.

I adore you beautiful friend !!!, said Lourdes Munguía who was emotional at the message from the host Maribel Guardia.

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Beautiful !, was another of the first comments that can be seen in the publication by Cynthia Rodríguez, girlfriend of singer Carlos Rivera.

Lourdes and Maribel, in addition to being two of the entertainment figures with the most experience in the field, have participated in telenovelas, particularly Munguía born in Mexico City while the native of Costa Rica, has ventured into Mexican films, as a singer and in driving.

They are women who have completely defied time, although they also share that all their effort is no coincidence since it comes accompanied by a disciplined lifestyle and exercise routines.

Through their respective social networks you can see the efforts that each one makes to maintain an excellent figure, which incidentally inspires their followers who can realize that the time they invest in their care has paid off.

Currently, Munguía and Guardia are 61 years old and 59 years old, respectively, but their physical states and enviable figures lead them to worry about other things less than age.

In the same way, each one has shared some other moments in which they have lived together, some postcards that have caused a sensation since both look full-bodied with very tight outfits that impressively mark their beautiful silhouettes.

As shown in one of the images, when they meet, together they capture all eyes!

Even as we well know, Guardia is already a grandmother and it must be said she is one of the most beautiful and at her age she looks spectacular.

She constantly shares proud photos with her beautiful three-year-old grandson José Julian and with whom she has a very special connection.

Even last November 2, the beautiful Costa Rican showed her fans a very special moment where she appeared with a stunning red dress along with details that turned her into a beautiful “Catrina”, the character that represents one of the traditional celebrations in Mexico.

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On November 2, the day in which homage is paid to the memory of the faithful loved ones, the moment in which the histrionic and former host of the program “Hoy” did not miss the opportunity to capture images where she poses with her son and grandson .