Mariano Rajoy Worships his Masters

In the visit that Mariano Rajoy is making in the US we have found a very curious fact. The first official act of the Spanish president has been to honor the enemy troops in the war in Cuba that Spain lost in 1898, specifically in the Arlington cemetery.

Let’s say that in order to speak with Obama (His Superior in the world oligarchy), they have “forced” him to honor those who fell in the Maine explosion in which American soldiers died in a false flag car attack such as Pearl Harbor in 1941. and September 11 in 2001.

Let us remember that the USS Maine, a 12-year-old second-class battleship and considered obsolete even on the date it entered service, was, according to the US authorities, sabotaged in the port of Havana by Spaniards dynamiting its hull and sinking the ship the February 15, 1898 with the consequent death of many North American sailors (as we see people are unceremoniously sacrificed by the brotherhood regardless of whether they are part of one side or the other)

The curious thing is that this sinking was the fuse that lit the Spanish-North American war, giving the necessary excuse to the United States to declare war on Spain to seize that important strategic bastion that was Cuba near the coast of Miami.

Even more curious was the explosion of the Maine, which after being analyzed, it was possible to verify how the deflagration of the dynamite went from the inside to the outside, something that showed that someone with access to the ship’s weapons stores had “self-sabotaged Said destroyer to justify war.


Arlington Cemetery is a monument with strong Illuminati symbolism in which the central figure is the Eternal Flame that honors President Kennedy assassinated in 1963. Let’s not forget that the Eternal Flame is the signature that the “brotherhood” places on the places where it has operated.

In the cemetery there are more than 260,000 victims of actions ordered by the Illuminati in all the wars planned by them to finally establish the NWO (New World Order) and our brand new and cowardly president honors, endorses and supports these actions by paying his respects to the incident of the Maine for which thousands of Spaniards, Americans and Cubans died.

A loud applause for this cruel president for his citizens who devours them with the destruction of social protection, privatizations, labor reforms and indiscriminate tax increases as well as the infinite ease of prohibiting and restricting that his laws incorporate, a loud applause for that weak international puppet who worships the masters of the world.

The victims he has honored are sure to be proud of his support (especially the Spanish and Cuban ones, none of whom are buried in Arlington)

They rule today … because you obey!

Albert camus

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