Mariana Ochoa resumes acting in the comedy series Tic Tac Toc

Mariana Ochoa returns to acting with the comedy Tic Tac Toc, el reencuentro, produced by Reynaldo López, where she plays a great music diva called Tais.

It took 11 years for the OV7 member to return to her role as an actress after she starred in the soap operas La hija del gardener, Top models, Love without conditions and Wanted for a man.

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“Recreating this diva has been very fun for me because she has pieces of the great performers of Mexican pop and so that they don’t get jealous I took a little bit of each one of them, put it in a blender and in it they will see Thalía, Yuri , María José and Gloria Trevi among others. From some I adopted their phrases, gestures, their way of dressing and makeup.

“With Tais I do a representation of our pop divas, because Mexico has exported a lot of talent to the world. That is why I am very happy to put elements of these artists ”, says Ochoa.

The singer explained to The Sun of Mexico why he accepted Reynaldo López’s proposal to act in this series that will have 12 episodes in its first season. “After such a difficult year, I want to give the audience minutes of joy when they give us the opportunity to turn on their television and be able to get that laugh out of them through our performances every Monday since April 12.”

Tic Tac Toc, the reunion, addresses the life of a children’s musical quintet of the 80s, whose members, represented by Mariana Ochoa, Pierre Angelo, Carlos Espejel, Reynaldo Rossano and Lisset, decide to return to the stage after four decades of separating to help his former partner Reynaldo. His manager and representative who is played by Alejandro Suárez.

“I am very excited and at first very nervous before recording. Everything happens for a reason and it is my chance to return to television in this enchanting project. I’m happy, I really admire Reynaldo’s work and everything he has done in comedy, he’s like King Midas, he makes gold, I feel sheltered ”, she says.

On whether she identifies with the role, having started her career in a children’s group since she was 10 years old, first as Onda Vaselina and later becoming OV7, she says: “This is a fictional story that focuses on helping the Reynaldo Rossano’s character, all his former colleagues want to help.

“Everyone is ready except Tais, because she did have a musical career, she lives in Miami, Florida, so she helps from her rosy world and under her conditions, because she does not plan to leave her successful career, she considers herself a diva. and putting together this character has been a lot of fun for me ”.

With a month of recordings they are ready for the premiere of the comedy on April 12, by Las Estrellas, with a premiere episode every Monday after the Denisse Maerker newscast.

Hector Sandarti, Yekaterina Kiev, Hugo Alcántara, Michel López also perform. All of them record their scenes with all sanitizing measures.