Mariana González sells her house to pay the debts of her boyfriend Vicente Fernández Jr.

Mariana González girlfriend of Vicente Fernández Jr.

Photo: Mariana González / Instagram / Courtesy

The whereabouts of Vicente Fernandez Jr. is a mystery, because recently the drivers of the program Gossip No Like revealed that the singer had been in a rehabilitation clinic for almost a month.

Now other rumors about his disappearance began to emerge, ensuring that until he fled Mexico due to problems with the Navy for economic reasons.

This theory is again confirmed by journalists Javier Ceriani Y Elisa beristain who reported through a broadcast more of their program than the girlfriend 20 years younger than Fernández Jr., Mariana gonzalez he’s selling his house to help pay off the singer’s debts.

Mariana González is selling her house. Why do you sell it? Why do you sell it? Would be a good question”Javier mentioned before showing the images.

As stated by the presenters, Mariana’s property located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Guadalajara, Jalisco, It would be for sale because of his alleged addiction to gambling that left him financially ill.

This property is valued at almost $ 800,000 dollars and it has four parking spaces, four bedrooms, six bathrooms, swimming pool, dressing room in a space of 800 square meters.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it has been the same Mariana who denied the rumors that Vicente is admitted to a rehabilitation institution, but the residence that has for sale so much the tests carried out by the journalists of ‘Gossip No Like’ leaves many wondering, then, What is the real whereabouts of El Potrillo’s brother?

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