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The sentimental relationship that marked a before and after in the life of Luis Miguel is the one he had with Mariah Carey, the great love of his life that ended with an infidelity.

This is how Javier León Herrera and Juan Manuel Navarro show it in Oro de Rey. Luis Miguel La Biografía, a book that covers the history of the singer and that focuses on the last 20 years, in which Mariah played an important role in the life of the singer.

“Mariah was one of his great loves, with whom he lived a different love that hurt him and changed his way of being,” says Juan Manuel Navarro, a journalist who has followed the singer’s career for decades.

“He felt very comfortable with that relationship, it was worth it to be seen in public with her, to be photographed; There came a time when he was very much in love, where he put aside his privacy. He also felt comfortable, because at the artist level they were a bit on a par: Mariah had noticed him as a person, not because he was Luis Miguel ”.

From 1998 to 2001 Luismi and Mariah lived one of the most talked about romances by the media. They both met thanks to the real estate agents they had in common and who were a kind of cupid. Thus began a relationship full of passion, eccentricities and whims that showed a Luis Miguel totally in love.

“We are at the moment of the album Loving You Is a Pleasure, which is totally and absolutely dedicated to that overflowing love that he feels for Mariah. It is also the time when there was a strong illusion for the crossover (of Luis Miguel). It was a very good moment for him, ”says Javier León Herrera.


The relationship was full of eccentricities: private jets full of roses, million dollar dinners with bottles of champagne by the sea, a Bentley car valued at more than 300 thousand dollars that she gave Luismi; or a Cartier bracelet that El Sol gave him and that he had to repair in an emergency due to a whim of the singer who forced him to call a specialized jeweler on New Year’s Eve.

They seemed like the perfect couple. But Mariah got involved with a member of her personal security team and this caused an irreparable rift. She ended up in a hospital asking for psychological help – she recently admitted suffering from bipolar disorder – and Luis Miguel crying in front of his friends, unable to believe what happened.

“When the great disappointment with Mariah Carey occurs, which coincided with the beginning of the 21st century, a number of negative events begin to unleash in her life and the curve of ups and downs begins until 2015, which reaches its lowest point,” says Herrera .


The book reveals that at the time when Luis Miguel ended his relationship with Mariah, some financial problems began with a house in Acapulco, as well as friction with his family and close friends that had been worn out by the singer’s dedication to his ex-partner.

“Right after breaking up with Mariah is when the fight with her little brother (Sergio) takes place, a little simultaneously,” says the author.

Oro de Rey is the book that closes the trilogy on the singer’s life, which began with Luis Mi Rey –material that was the basis for making the Netflix series– and continued with Luis Miguel: La historia.

Although the book addresses the life of the singer since its inception, its pages focus on what Luis Miguel has experienced in the last 20 years, based on a documentary and newspaper investigation, where they also gather testimonies from close friends of the singer.

“In the previous books the line is cut with the death of Luisito Rey, which is an important turning point. The whole of this second part was yet to be told about what happened to him recently, ”says Javier León.


“It is a book that was thought as a tribute to his 50 years, but that was postponed due to the pandemic,” adds Navarro. “It is about people getting to know how he has evolved both personally and professionally, so that people really understand where Luis Miguel stands today, why he has these attitudes, why he is so distrustful … and you see it here through of the details ”.

Although the book does not delve into the reasons, it does address the disappearance of Marcela Basteri, the singer’s mother, who the authors claim died in 1986 of “unnatural causes.” “It is a statement that unfortunately we have been emphasizing and verifying for many years,” says Herrera.

“(Luis Miguel) also says it to his friends,” adds Navarro. “To his friend Polo Martínez he always said: ‘To my mother, may she be in glory’, referring to her in the past. He confessed to Mariah that his mother had passed away, to Alicia Machado too, to many people; he himself refers it ”.

The book, say its authors, makes a call to “stop with the subject and let Marcela’s memory and soul rest in peace, because these fake shows – like that of a woman in Buenos Aires who claimed was the singer’s mother – Of course they affect him and his brothers. We are aware of it, ”says Herrera.

Although they do not know if Luis Miguel has already had the opportunity to read the book, both authors sent copies to his main office. “He is going to find out about many things that he did not know, about many situations that many people hid from him while he was singing.”

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Unlike Luis Mi Rey, which was used as the basis for the first season of Luis Migue La Serie, this book was not taken into account for the second installment that will premiere on Netflix on April 18.

“There was the approach at the end of the first season to do the investigation of the second. Unfortunately we did not reach an agreement, we would have loved for him. But even though we are not there, our essence may be maintained because we already sowed that granite in the first one ”, commented the authors.