Mariah Carey ‘gives the note’ by getting vaccinated against the coronavirus: "Are the side effects"

“You know how I am and I speak so as not to think.” Are the words that the singer Mariah Carey dedicated to her fans before getting vaccinated against the coronavirus; moment he captured in a video shared on social networks.

And it is that, during the inoculation of the first dose of the vaccine, the singer not only spoke up her elbows showing her nervousness, but also offered a cry, or high note, in the purest style of the soprano. Specifically, he intoned a “G6”, as he later assured in a tweet in which he joked relating that reaction to a “side effect of the vaccine”.

As the interpreter of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ pointed out in the video, her way of avoiding anxiety is by not stopping talking. And so he did. “They’re having a doctor talk and here I am, happy and a little nervous about this first injection. I am distracting you from doing your work, but you know how I am and I speak so as not to think. Here we are, after that first post where I was washing my hands with Ron and Roe in New York, trying to encourage people to be safe. You know that we are all together in this battle, “asserted the singer, encouraging her followers to do the same” as soon as they can. “