Mariachi serenades a hospital that handles coronavirus cases | Instagram

INER is the hospital that handles cases of people who are infected with coronavirus, for this reason a mariachi serenaded hard-working doctors.

As a result of hard work in the fight against this virus, those who work in the hospital were fortunate to receive such a beautiful and rewarding gift.

It was through a publication in Twitter the microblogging service that shared the beautiful gift received by hospital workers.

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Thanks to the work that the doctors of the INER during these days when the cases of the outbreak of coronavirus, A mariachi decided to have this nice gesture with the medical staff and other hospital collaborators.

According to certain data from the MC portal they mention that the COVID-19 It already exceeds the figure of 2,439 infections and 125 people who lost their lives because of this virus.

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Currently, different countries have taken isolation measures to prevent the continuity of contagion from this virus, Although there is a large segment of the population that needs to go to work because unfortunately they are people who live daily and it is necessary to take risks every day.

It is said that in Mexico In a few days the whole country will enter phase 3, so the cases of contagion are likely to increase considerably, although measures have already been taken, it is inevitable to cover the entire population.

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We hope that the people who are healthy for the moment will stay that way and that those who are sick will recover soon so that this end quarantine.

Some celebrities have joined the support for his followers Whether it is entertaining them through their social networks, or offering them groceries or economically, there is no doubt that there are great hearts in this world and they support those who have the least.

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