María Sorté tells how she found out about the attack on her son, Omar García Harfuch

“No, it was the most terrible thing, the most terrible thing when I don’t work, I’m very lazy, but one of my children comes in and says: ‘don’t be scared, Omar he suffered an attack, but don’t be scared ‘and then I stop but my legs were shaking, I turn on the TV and start watching, I couldn’t believe it, ”he recalled.

“They still did not tell me that it was okay, even the most skeptical knew it was a miracle because the truck seemed to drain, there were records of weapons that got jammed,” he added.

Faced with the attack that left 19 detainees, alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel criminal cell, María said she was grateful that her son got away well. Let us remember that the official had to remain hospitalized for several days.

“I, Maria, can only thank God very much, because I have asked him to send angels around him, because for something those who were after him ran. It was covered with the blood of Christ, and yes it was terrible, the scare I think has not passed me, every night I say: how are you mijo? and every night the same ”, explained the actress.

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