Little by little, the ingredients of what will be next are being confirmed. US Open 2020. A tournament that, despite not having been in the abyss at any time, always found rejection by several players after knowing the measures that in the USTA they wanted to apply. In the end, they seem to have reached a kind of truce where neither side is harmed, although neither of them ends up completely happy. Maria Sakkari, one of the twenty best players in the world, confessed on the portal SDNA that his intention is to play the North American event, although that does not make him forget all the previous encounters that the dressing room has had with the organization. We summarize the highlights below.

– A decision made

“Of course I will go to New York. I certainly do not agree with many of the measures that have been announced, such as the fact that the previous phase of the tournament is not disputed, so tennis players who are below the top 100 of the ranking will not have the opportunity to accumulate points or earn some money. The truth is that I don’t think any player agrees with this, but unfortunately it’s not in our hands, and neither in the hands of the ATP or the WTA. As far as I know, all these decisions were made by the USTA. “

– Rigorous measures by the tournament

“I also do not agree with the small work team that forces us to form. I understand that as a precaution they want to take certain measures, but at least a coach and a physical therapist are always necessary, especially after a time when we have not competed and the body will suffer more than normal in games. This has me a little confused, at the meeting they stressed that you could only travel with one person, but after all the complaints they received they have ended up changing it ”.

– Lack of communication between managers and players

“I think a lot of things are going to change from then on, I just hope they don’t change for the worse. America is in the worst possible situation right now, but they are obligated to give us an answer, no matter what is better or worse, but they must tell us something to study how to act. Not having a calendar on the table right now is something that bothers all tennis players, we don’t know what to do. The only positive is that it seems that we will soon play tennis again, that’s all I was looking for. No one wanted to stay another six months at home until next year, but I don’t want the situation to get worse, either. ”

– Possible absences in the tables

“There have been rumors about some big names of players who will not be in the tournament, although we cannot guarantee anything with certainty, since it is very likely that they will eventually end up changing their minds, at least it is a possibility. Halep said he might not be present, but I don’t think there will be many more absences either. With all the people on the circuit that I have spoken to, none of them fully agrees with the terms proposed by the USTA, but they all want to play again. We are used to a different kind of life and that ultimately conditions everything. ”