María Patiño, moved, gives her opinion on the conflict between Belén Esteban and Jorge Javier Vázquez

The ambivalent relationship between Jorge Javier Vázquez and Belén Esteban It is not going through its best moment, and more since the last conflict that arose in the middle of ‘Save me’. However, this situation puts the collaborators who share friendship with both in a problem, as is the case of María Patiño, who has spoken for the first time.

María Patiño in ‘Socialité’

Precisely, the most recent row exploded as a result of some photographs that Jorge Javier Vázquez would have shown to his companions where Belén appeared. « I do not make fun of photos of him or show them to anyone« The collaborator communicated with a tone of latent anger. » I have many things about you and in my life I have not taught anyone about you, « she continued before the Catalan responded with » enough.  » The brawl ended with the proclaimed princess of the town leaving the set of the program in tears.

One of the people between the two profiles is María Patiño, who shares friendship with both. « I do not want to pronounce, it is a subject that corresponds to them and because of the love and respect that I have for both of them, I don’t want to say anything « , he begins by saying in ‘Socialité’. Likewise, the host of the format has assured that is « convinced that everything has a solution » and he has affirmed that both are well and calm.

He gets excited when talking about Jorge Javier Vázquez

Minutes later, Patiño commented on a video in which Jorge Javier Vázquez appeared talking about her with Kiko Rivera. Then, visibly moved, she began to describe her friendship with the host: « When I receive a word of affection from someone I love, it makes me feel very good« . His eyes began to shine at the moment in which he affirmed that he has not been » mistaken in the people « that he wants to have by his side and does not hesitate when he proposes a hypothesis: »They are from these people that I know that if I call him at three in the morning I have him. There is a lot of truth and a lot of loyalty. «