Maria Kanellis reveals who was going to be the father of her pregnancy storyline on RAW.

In September of last year, WWE had a storyline in which Maria Kanellis she was pregnant and had to reveal the identity of the baby’s father. Some of the names that were mentioned to be the possible father of the baby of Maria Kanellis were Rusev, Ricochet or her husband, Mike Kanellis.

WWE considered including in the storyline a Maury Povich of The Maury Show to be responsible for taking the paternity test. However, the story never had an end and it did not continue to unfold on television. Later, Mike Kanellis requested his departure from the company in October. On the other hand, it should be noted in this situation that he and Maria They re-signed a contract in June 2019.

Today, a fan asked Maria Kanellis on the social network of Twitter by topic, and Maria He revealed what the end of the storyline would be like if it had continued to develop on television. Maria confirmed that the identity of the baby’s father was to be her own husband, Mike Kanellis.

Next, we leave you with the tweet of Maria Kanellis giving his answer to the fan’s question:

My husband. He was supposed to have a turn face. And make a story about recovery from addiction and motivation. But … that’s too good. Too real. Too honest. And of course, I was supposed to be the bad girl until I came back from my motherhood, mommy baby face!

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