María Félix went crazy, she found her son dressed as a woman!

María Félix went crazy, she found her son dressed as a woman! | Instagram

It is said that the actress María Félix agr3d! Or her son, Enríque Álvarez FélixAfter having found him dressed as a woman as mentioned, he was “homosexual”.

In the middle of an interview, it was the son of Maria Felix, who opened his heart and addressed the resentment towards his mother, who would accompany Enríque Álvarez Félix, for several years and for whom he even once called her “Bad mother”, he commented.

The “Mexican film diva“She would have found her son wearing one of her white dresses, with a necklace, the garment would have been a gift from her then husband, the composer Agustín Lara.

After this, “La doña” would have thrown himself against his son prop! Inating him a series of g0lp3s until he was unconscious and for which even the composer, called “El Flaco de Oro” intervened to save him from the wrath of the “diva. of the cinema “towards his son, the journalist would reveal in a telephone interview.

This would be the main reason why Enríque Álvarez would have been sent to a military boarding school, said journalist Jorge Almazán, who “plastered unknown aspects of the life of” La doña “in” Acuerdate María “through his work.

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Enríque Álvarez not only faced the rejection of his mother but also of his father, who was even worse than María herself, both did not accept that their only son was homosexual.

My father at the age of five, told me: It is the last kiss that I give you in your life because men do not kiss, said the film actor.

“Bad mother”

According to journalist Sergio Almazán, the reason why María Félix put land between her and her son was after the crude episode in which she faced her son’s preferences, which is why she would send him to boarding school.

Enríque always recriminated his famous mother because she did not take him on that trip with her, nor did she understand that the fact of misbehaving would lead her to distance him so much from her life, for what she shares, shortly before entering the plane she let out the words that he kept in his heart: “Bad mother.”

But how dare you? the driver questioned, but how dare she? If I had a child Christina, I think that’s why I wouldn’t have had him …

Enrique affirmed that if he had had a son, he would have tied him to his leg and would never have released him, which caused a great reaction from the public.

Everyone who hears me understand me well, I would have been the most illiterate son in the world because I would have hit my leg and walked with me minute by minute in my life.

Enríque Álvarez Félix studied at the best military colleges in Paris, London and the United States, and where María only visited him twice a year

Sometimes I would stay at the janitor’s house during the holidays waiting for my mother, I also thought about my land, at home, music, that is something that hurts a lot as a child and for what he still cries he confessed to Christina, who was also on the verge of tears.

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Enríque Alvarez, undoubtedly offered some words that stirred the feelings of the entire audience: “You have to show love to a child, not just think” I love you and only I know it. ” best memories since without being his biological father, he points out that he behaved as such.

Agustín Lara was like a father to me, he defended me from my mother’s corrections, he really behaved like an affectionate and affectionate father, yes, he really was.

María Félix, remembered in the cinema for her strong characters such as her character on and off the stage, married Enríque Álvarez Alatorre on January 10, 1931 at 3 to 3 years of marriage at the age of 20, Enríque Álvarez Félix was born .

The couple did not work out so they separated and it was the father of “Kike”, a sales agent and shoe manufacturer who took his son from Maria’s side.

However, after the marriage of María Félix with Agustín Lara and with the help of this he went for her son and “kidnapped” him as is, put him in a car, the actor describes and stayed with her in Mexico.

Thus a year passed, Enríque was torn from the arms of his paternal grandmother from his relatives and friends from whom he received much love but little by little he got used to the presence of his mother.

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It was in the span of a year when María received an offer to record 10 films in Spain and the incident occurred, for which they say the “doña” decided to reprimand her son after discovering his directions and taking him away from her. Enríque went from being a beloved, loved child to living in solitude as the son of a famous star.

My mom didn’t wonder what it would be like for me how hard it would be to tear myself away from my grandmother and my friends, she says.

Although they claim that the star loved her son, she also tried to protect him at a time when the issue of homosexuality was seriously raised.

The life of the actor was not easy since he faced his rejection, and that of the guild for his homosexuality, María even tried to dissuade him after he expressed that he wanted to follow in his footsteps in the artistic medium.

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At the request of his mother, Álvarez Félix studied political science at the Autonomous University of Mexico, before focusing on the entertainment industry.