María Félix; Beauty lessons for an elegant woman | Instagram Special

The actress Maria Felix She is one of the Mexican actresses considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, because she was an elegant woman who not only depended on her physical beauty, but it was her character and her bearing that made her a distinguished woman in society.

According to the makeup artist of María Félix; Isabel Barrera Jacome That he worked for the actress for more than 50 years to make the Mexican actress look impeccable in all the events she attended, revealed that much of her beauty was good habits that made her a distinguished woman.

For our good luck, the beauty lessons that the actress María Félix left us They are not difficult to follow and we can also continue putting them into practice so that they become part of our lifestyle, without the need to include expensive products in our Beauty treatments.

María Félix’s beauty lessons

Wash hair less frequently

This does not mean that Maria Felix He did not wash his hair, but only reduced his rinses to once a week. This allowed her hair to stay styled longer, less hair loss and stronger hair. And we can corroborate this with the experts, stating that hair washing every day it weakens the hair.

Cold water prevents pores on the skin they open causing them to fill with contamination and creating the famous black spots and blemishes on the skin. In addition to being an excellent remedy to tighten the skin, reducing or preventing wrinkles and sagging.

Makeup with big eyelashes

One of the aspects of María Félix’s makeup that she liked to emphasize was the look. For this, the Mexican actress used several layers of mascara to make your lashes bigger and more defined. In addition to achieving an effect to make your eyes look bigger. Like fully defined eyebrows.

Having a straight back when sitting and walking, brought him an elegant bearing, in addition to preventing his back from having bad formations such as humps, always standing up straight was a trick that gave her an elegant bearing and security before other people.

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