María Elena Ríos, the intellectual author of the acid attack on the saxophonist is arrested | Reform

Elements of the State Police detained this Monday the former deputy and businessman Juan N, who is identified as the mastermind of the acid attack on the saxophonist María Elena Ríos.

It was revealed that Ríos’ ex-partner was detained during an operation led by the Secretary of State Security, Ernesto Salcedo.

It was through his Twitter account that Alejandro Murat, governor of the state of Oaxaca shared the arrest of Juan “N” and added that it will be in the next few hours that more details regarding the events will be provided.

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The reward that the State Attorney General’s Office offered in exchange for information that would allow the arrest of the former deputy was one million pesos.

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María Elena Ríos is a musician 26-year-old nationally recognized for her talent, she is a graduate of Social Communication and had a travel agency.

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It all started when she started working with a politician managing her social networks (Juan “N”), with whom she started a relationship; However, she ended it by v! iolenc! a, but he continued to harass her.

They claim that he threatened and insulted her and María Elena and her family pointed out to him that he was the mastermind of the acid attack he suffered.