María Conchita Alonso refuses to wear a mask and also does not believe in vaccines

Maria Conchita Alonso assures that he has not had a problem with his companions of the concert “Great” for not using a mask, and having made the decision not to be vaccinated against Covid-19, It states that Dulce, Janette, Kiara, Aranza, among others, respect his position on the coronavirus.

“My colleagues are very respectful. We do not think the same in everything and we respect. The vaccine is supposed to protect, isn’t it? So why do they worry that I don’t have it? ”Said the actress.

“I believe what I believe because I have read a lot, because I keep reading, because I listen to doctors and scientists who keep them quiet, who speak reality, which is what I believe. And if they want to use the masks, let them use them, if they want to get vaccinated, then I don’t. I am not going to get vaccinated and I am not going to wear masks unless I am from a place that does not allow me to enter“.

The singer made a talk with Paty Navidad, since they share the same ideas, but it was never in order to influence the public. “It is that there are so many nonsense that when you say you believe in the virus, (and listen) ‘it hit me!’ When they say that people die (they generate it), but they exaggerate.

“What one thinks is that each person is responsible for their life and their thoughts. Here I am not saying neither she nor are we saying that ‘I swear’ she has to believe us, that they have to do this, that they should not do that, no! We are simply sharing what we believe and it happens that she and I believe the same, “she concluded.

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