María Celeste Arrarás on the death of Edna Schmidt: “I hope she has found peace”

We chat with María Celeste Arrarás, the new star of CNN en Español, about him sudden death of Edna Schmidt, with whom he coincided when they both worked for the Univision network.

To the New York Newspaper, Arrarás gave these words: “It is a great tragedy that someone so young and talented had such a sad ending“Said the former conductor of Primer Impacto.

María Celeste says that she remembers when they met and also how Edna Smchid’s beginnings were: “I clearly remember her beginnings and how I loved her dedication and her voice. She was very sure of herself and above all good people ”. He stressed that from the first moment there was a good relationship between them: “We hit it off from day one.”

Edna Smchidt is known to have struggled for several years with her addiction to alcohol, which in effect led to her being fired from Univision. He recently spoke with Neida Sandoval about this and explained that at the time he was mistreated when he saw himself outside the company. It transpired that at the time the journalist was found drinking in the parking lot of the television company.

Faced with the painful news of his death, María Celeste Arrarás only asks: “I hope she has finally found the peace that eluded her in her last days.”

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