María Antonietta Díaz: Only 10% of Venezuelans have applied for TPS

June 9, 2021


María Antonietta Díaz, president of the Venezuelan American Alliance, in an interview for the program Dígalo Aqui with the Community of José Pernalete assured that after so much fighting to get the Temporary Protection Status (TPS) approved for Venezuelans only 10% have applied have it.

Díaz regretted that of the 323 thousand Venezuelans who can participate, to date only 38 thousand, which represents 10%, have managed their TPS.

Díaz said that the figure is worrying, and we must continue to insist on the possibility of having TPS, because this gives the peace of mind of being able to work and in addition to not being deported.

He also assured that the costs of TPS are truly minimal when compared with the benefits that it can give the citizen.

He recalled that there are exactly 88 days left to apply, so he asked Venezuelans not to leave everything at the last minute.


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