Margot Robbie recalls controversial “natural” scene with DiCaprio

Remember Margot Robbie controversial scene

Margot Robbie remembers controversial “natural” scene with DiCaprio | .

Surely when hearing the name of the actress Margot robbie A well-known Australian-born celebrity like brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth, recently recalled one of the most controversial scenes in his career where he appeared without any garment.

At the age of thirty, Margot Robbie has had the opportunity to collaborate with great Hollywood stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom she shared credits in the film that would make the actress more famous and with which she would be known for being extremely flirtatious and captivating. from “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Perhaps not many knew but in one of the iconic scenes of this film released in 2013 and directed by the renowned director Martin Scorsese, where Margot robbie It appears totally natural, it was precisely because she suggested it, something of which her millions of followers and admirers outside of social networks went crazy when they saw the film.

It was not simply because of wanting to appear without any garment, but rather because of the character’s story that if by chance you saw the movie (and if we don’t invite you to do so) you will remember this scene where the protagonist is presented wearing just black stockings with lace and high heels.

This is because Naomi, Margot Robbie’s character, was confident that her only bargaining chip was precisely her figure, and boy did she succeed, as you will remember, ended up marrying the protagonist, all thanks to her exquisite figure and attractive personality.

In the scene she had to wear a dressing gown, before this she suggested to Martin Scorsese that it was much better that she did not wear anything, this suggestion was taken by the director who agreed to do so, everything combined perfectly with Naomi Lapaglia and the scene and above all the film lent itself to it given the theme in which it was developed throughout history. This story was shared in an interview with The Telegraph.

Margot robbie The beautiful blonde with blue eyes and movie star, began her career in 2007 when she was only 17 years old, thanks to her talent, little by little she managed to get increasingly important and revealing roles for her career, although the most characteristic ones Arguably, they are Naomi Lapaglia in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad” by DC Comics, he has also had other important participations.

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At thirty years of age the actress She is happily married, although it is not yet known if she plans to have children, we believe that soon she will share the news that she is expecting her firstborn.

Thanks to her acting skills as well as as a producer she has won several recognized awards, there is no doubt that her hard work has paid off, she will surely continue to do so because she is still very young and her career continues to rise.

On various occasions Margot robbie She has not stolen sighs, both from men and women, her beauty has no equal, although there are those who claim she has a “twin” as has happened to other celebrities and ordinary people whom they confuse with other celebrities.

In the case of the beautiful Australian it has been with two actresses: Emma Mackey, 24 years old and Jaime Pressly, 43 respectively, although both have different ages, it is said that the second when she was young had a great resemblance to Robbie.

In the event that they decided to make a movie in which the character shows growth, these three actresses would be the perfect triad, don’t you think?

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