Margarita del Val ends an interview on TVE with a fundamental message for all Spaniards

The virologist Margarita Del Val during her interview on TVE (Photo: RTVE)

“All populations calm. Older and younger, women and men, those who have already received a dose and those who have not yet. Relax, everyone, the risk is minimal ”. This is how the virologist, immunologist and researcher at the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center (CSIC-UAM), Margarita del Val, has concluded in an interview on TVE in which she has analyzed the delicate moment that the vaccination campaign with AstraZeneca is passing. The injections of this firm are being, again, questioned after it has now been decided not to vaccinate those under 60 with it.

That is why the expert wanted to send that reassuring message and explain that, in reality, this vaccination campaign against the coronavirus is not very different from others such as the flu campaign, in which injections of different efficacy are also used and administered depending on the needs of each sector of the population. “Maybe they don’t know, but in the flu vaccination campaign there were six or seven different vaccines and we don’t worry about that. They gave each of us the best one based on our degree of risk and it is the same that is being done now ”, he explained.

They may not know it, but in the flu vaccination campaign there were six or seven different vaccines and we do not worry about that.

“The percentage of protection is not the important thing. They all protect by putting people in a more favorable situation ”, he explained. “They are all very good. Any drop in risk is very good and they are all working in this sense, it is wonderful ”, insisted Del Val.

On the other hand, Del Val has warned that “you cannot do experiments” combining doses of different vaccines and has insisted on asking for “reassurance” regarding the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca. Thus, he recalled that, for now, l …

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