Marcos Reina from journalist to second coach in Liga MX

A contact and an opportunity can make a difference. Marcos Reina jumped from San Cugat to Mexico City in the blink of an eye to make an unexpected leap to the First Division. Francisco Palencia chose him as his second coach to live his first experience as technical director in League MX and since then he has become a key part of his coaching staff.

Graduating and dedicating himself to journalism did not take him away from the hobby that became his job and his dream. « For a while the job that gave me the most support was journalism and soccer was the hobby, the passion, until we turned it around. « Now he can boast of having passed through Pumas, Lobos BUAP and Mazatlán with jobs that have tried to leave a mark.

Marcos recognizes the benefits of working with someone who previously knew Mexican soccer, but above all, it gives him the freedoms that make him feel valued. « Paco is someone who gives me a lot of freedom to work, he trusts me when preparing workouts during the week and prepare game plans ”.

Reina is clear about her goals in terms of football. « You are going to adapt to the players that you have and from there you are going to try to decide in what way you want to play and to play well is to execute that game plan well, » he said. He speaks from experience, since he has passed through clubs with different cultures and with teams that have required a significant capacity for adaptation.

As for challenges, Mexican soccer is a special one compared to other places, especially because of the competition format: a short tournament that usually demands immediate results. Marcos has already experienced it during his time in Mexico. « Honestly, it is not the best for a coach. In the end this is going to win, it is very clear, but we have to be clear about what conditions there are. Building something is not so simple and so fast, » he agreed.

As a journalist, he recognizes the role of the media in society and its influence on public opinion and perception. « I am very much in favor of the media being the most important thing about how a country is going to think in all senses. If the majority are turned towards a certain ideology, the country will be thinking about what they are telling it and the same applies to sport« Hence, he considers the preparation of the medium essential to be able to make an adequate judgment about his work.

Marcos Reina is 35 years old and in no rush to speed up his coaching process. For now, he will continue working with Palencia, but he recognizes that despite the challenges that may arise, he would like to be the head coach in Mexico. « It’s a league that I know well and in the end that is essential. I know all the players, all the coaches, what style of play they have, what ideas they have. »

His path has been one of those that takes unexpected turns, where he went from training in a school to being a First Division assistant. Marcos knows that constant preparation is key to taking advantage of what he has already done once: seize an opportunity when it presents itself.