It is not just the fans who live the expectation of Fred’s return to Fluminense. In the squad, the players continue public demonstrations about the desire to act alongside the striker, the club’s idol. Marcos Paulo was also excited. The young man revealed that he was going to Maracanã to watch the veteran play and hopes to give a lot of assists to the future teammate.

Marcos Paulo is Fluminense’s greatest jewel right now (Photo: Lucas Merçon / Fluminense)

Photo: Lance!

– I’m hoping for his return. I think that everyone who has affection for Fluminense knows that he is an idol. You can help on and off the pitch to advise. He played in Europe, Selection, has a lot to add. I’m glad. It will be a very good feeling to play alongside him, give some passes, because the man inside the area is boring, scores a lot of goals. As Nenê and Ganso help me a lot, he can give me advice, show what is right or wrong. On the pitch, only with goals is good (laughs). I will always try to put him in the face of the goal. It was always a player I followed. Sometimes I went to Maracanã to see him play and now being able to partner is very good – he said, in an interview with “Canal André Marques”, on Youtube.
Marcos Paulo is, today, Fluminense’s greatest jewel and a player that President Mário Bittencourt has admitted that can be traded at any time. Not only for the talent, but also for the financial potential that can help in the Tricolor coffers. The striker said he preferred not to get involved in possible negotiations.

– Conversations are more internal. Today my manager talks to the club and my family and I prefer not to know. At first, at the base, I was anxious. Something came for me and I already wanted to know, it didn’t happen and I was sad. I just want to focus on Fluminense. I know that a proposal will arrive, as I have been working hard to arrive in Europe. It is the dream of any player in Brazil. I’m fine with that. Where is best for me and if I go out helping Fluminense, that’s fine.

Mário Bittencourt, in fact, has been an active voice in the discussion about the return of football in the middle of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. In Fluminense, the position adopted is to return only when the health authorities and the Government authorize it.

– I’m really enjoying it. Mário is a president who is always talking to us, always looking for the best. He’s thinking of everyone. I think he is doing the right thing to come back only when he releases completely. We are seeing a lot of bad news, people dying. This is boring. People you haven’t been respecting. If you don’t have respect, we won’t get out of this. Everyone agrees with Mário, it is a totally right attitude. We are training hard at home. All closed with him in that posture – he said.

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