Framework Trungelliti has championed a certain position of complaint on issues as important as rigging. The Argentine denounced what he saw, was accused of being a snitch when he told how the mafias dealt with players, and admitted not feeling supported by the Tennis Integrity Unit. Now, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the South American chatted with the Swiss newspaper ‘Les Temps’, where he again showed his disparity with the ATP and the great players of the circuit.

The talk, picked up by ‘La Nación’ recently, reflects Trungelliti’s thoughts regarding the decisions made by the ATP once the quarantine was decreed that canceled tennis for months. “I received a grant of $ 4,000 from the ATP and of course I appreciate it, but is it logical that a player ranked 130 in the ranking cannot go three months without getting paid in a sport where there are so many millionaires? I don’t think so, but I don’t know more because the ATP is an opaque organization that communicates very little “.

Marco opined on a system that, like many other players, he considers unfair: a lot of difference in earnings between one and the other. “In tennis, too many people make decisions based on private interests. The system is bad in itself. I always compare it to a city of 3,000 inhabitants of which only 70 inhabitants would live well. Who can accept that? Tennis does it and he offers $ 200 in prizes at the end of a workweek when the gangs offer him 3,000 or 5,000 to fix a match. “

The Argentine newspaper picks up one of the parts of the interview, in which Trungelliti is asked about the response of Federer or Nadal about the vulnerability of tennis players. According to Trungelliti, the silence of the greats is a way to promote inequalities. “I was not expecting anything … By remaining silent while giving interviews or posting messages all the time on social media, these players have encouraged corruption, even passively.”