Marco Asensio is missing

The Spanish Framework
Asensio He started again this Saturday after two games in which he barely participated, he only had five minutes against the Villarreal, but he could not take advantage of the opportunity that he had at the time that in the field of play, both right-handed and left-winger, and still cannot find his best version.

The Spaniard seems to have received a medical discharge after the serious knee injury he suffered on July 24 in preseason against him Arsenal, rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and the external meniscus of his left knee, and that kept him 330 days away from the playing fields, but not yet the competitive time to remember that Asensio that pointed to world star.

And that his reappearance could not be better. On June 18 against Valencia he returned with a goal at 30 seconds and later gave an assist to Karim
Benzema. After a tough recovery, as the club itself reflected in a documentary, it became a day that he will remember forever and in which he did not stop smiling, as if it were his debut, since the French Zinedine
Zidane sent him to warm up in the band Gave

A step forward was expected after the departure of CR7

A performance that filled both him and the Madrid fans who waited before the injury for a step forward after the departure of the Portuguese Christian
Ronaldo. He played nine more games in which he scored two goals and seemed to gradually return to the level he showed before the injury.

But in the resumption of the season his luck changed. Entered the first list of Luis
Enrique and suffered an edema in the knee that kept him inactive for 26 days. During the second national team break, he again had knee pain. Stops that, in addition to not allowing him to catch up, seem to have reduced his confidence. No goals or assists in the 11 games he has played this year.

This Saturday in front of Alaves

He started again three games later and beyond leaving a good center playing with good footing as soon as the second half started, the Spaniard was not successful in the pressure or differential in attack. He was substituted in the 63rd minute.

Asensio demonstrated a very high level in the Real
Madrid always facing the defender, looking for space and diagonals to show off his great power and shot, but now he doesn’t show any of that.

A matter of confidence and the best thing you can do is have minutes to check that you can try things and regain your level. Opportunity that can be opened more in the near future due to the new injury of the Belgian Eden
Hazard, this time with muscular discomfort in the right thigh of which a medical review is pending to know the extent.

There are still eight games ahead in a month of December that is full of matches and against which Zinedine
Zidane warn that everyone will have minutes.