Marco Antonio Solís meets with Los Bukis in a virtual concert

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(CNN Spanish) – Marco Antonio Solís made his fans very happy on Sunday night. The legendary Mexican singer-songwriter met again with his band, Los Bukis, during the broadcast of the virtual concert #BohemiaEnPandemia.

The legendary band once again performed the song “Your prison”, a hymn of the group.

On social media, the band’s fans expressed their excitement after the reunion. In fact, Marco Antonio Solís himself shared via Twitter a video of a family watching the broadcast and the father’s surprise when he saw Los Bukis together.

“Marco Antonio Solís almost made my father faint with the reunion of Los Bukis,” said Vania Jaramillo through Twitter.

Solís retweeted the video and responded with three laughing emojis.

It is still unknown if the reunion was only for this broadcast or if there are plans for a future job or even a tour.

The group was formed in 1973 and dissolved in 1996. In its history they have accumulated 16 studio albums.

Los Bukis’ meeting with Marco Antonio Solís was recorded at the Marco Musical studio in Mexico City, an important place in the band’s history since it was in that studio that they wrote and recorded some of their emblematic songs.

Los Bukis played for the last time together on May 18, 1996 at the Río Nilo room in Guadalajara.

#BohemiaEnPandemia and the reflections of Marco Antonio Solís

Solís delighted his fans worldwide during the virtual presentation #BohemiaEnPandemia, in which in addition to interpreting his classic songs, he gave viewers a tour of his native Michoacán.

The singer, also known by his fans as “El Buki”, shared between song and song reflections that arose from the coronavirus pandemic.

“El Buki emphasized the strength that human beings have shown throughout the pandemic, that with their great spirit and faith, always united, they move forward regardless of the tragedy or crisis that comes their way,” according to a statement shared by the singer.

The virtual recital was directed by Alejandro Reider, produced by Héctor Kron and Joaquín Vodanovich. According to a press release, the presentation was recorded in Morelia, Michoacán in mid-March.

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