We all know that tennis is a solitary sport, where the player is alone on the court, where he cannot receive any type of help or advice to solve his doubts. But what about dubbers? In this quarantine, the majority of players who compete on the individual circuit have been able to return home and spend more time with those people they do not see throughout the course, however, the doubles have been set aside from the profile with which they spend the most hours share on the calendar. How do couples carry this distance. Marcelo Melo explains his case in a talk with ATP.

“Doubles, to put it somehow, are like a marriage, so sometimes it’s nice to have a little break. Of course it wasn’t necessary, at least between Lukasz Kubot and me. Right now I don’t know when we will see each other again, it depends on when the tournaments come back and where we can train, “says the Brazilian.

Here lies perhaps the great difference in terms of difficulty that singles and doubles will have when returning to the circuit. Both will be able to train the physical tone and their tennis, but not all those who are part of the second block will be able to practice the plays and the rapport with their usual dance partner. “We have a group chat with our work teams, so we keep in touch daily. We talk between once and twice a week, although Right now there are not too many things to talk about. Normally we always talk about schedules, training, this and that. Now what we do is ask ourselves how we are all, that way we stay in touch, “says the 36-year-old.

“Lukasz is a very nice guy, he is always positive. He wants to go out and go training, he always brings super positive energy. The truth is that it is a shame to lose this energy that he has during these days, “adds the South American, who has not been slow to recover the Bruno Soares to start training with his compatriot. “We were very lucky to meet here. Now it remains to be seen how we manage the times to train, but it will be a pleasure to be with him on the court again ”, confesses Melo, currently world number one.

Meanwhile, Marcelo does not lose contact with Alexander Zverev, one of the players with whom he shares the most time on the tour. “Alex is a very nice guy, we always have a good time when we are together. His family is also very friendly, his team is very friendly, so I get along well with all of them ”, assures the carioca. Of course, to see them join forces on the track we will have to wait. “We always talk about one day playing together again (they already did it in Shenzen 2017), but he disputes to me about which of the two would be the leader. He says it will be him, but he is wrong. In singles, of course it would be him, but in doubles he will have to follow my rules ”, he concludes with a laugh.