Marcelo Gallardo recovered two of his figures in record time and surprised with the first call for a youth

Marcelo Gallardo during the match with the Quito League in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores.  Photo: REUTERS / Juan Mabromata Marcelo Gallardo during the match with the Quito League in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. Photo: REUTERS / Juan Mabromata

Marcelo gallardo he recovered a fundamental piece for his scheme. Ignacio Fernandez, who had suffered a muscle injury in the Libertadores de América when River fell in front of Banfield, received medical discharge and it may be of the game in the next commitment.

In addition, the squad trained in the morning after the negative swabs that the tests showed in all the protagonists, although Rafael Santos Borré He did not participate despite the end of the isolation. The Colombian underwent cardiological studies and on Thursday he would join his teammates (after swabbing).

Former flyer of Gymnastics, who had suffered a tear in the left anterior rectus, returned to training after two weeks and the coaching staff evaluates the possibility of incorporating him into the team before Banfield so that it adds minutes, since the goal is for him to start against Atlético Paranaense, next Tuesday in the departure of the Round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores.

Nacho Fernandez had a very good evolution and, although the 21 days are met on the day of the game of the Professional League Cup, over the next few days he will be evaluated in ball trials.

For its part, Rafael Santos Borré, that he had missed the last two games and the double date of the South American Qualifiers, he trained at home and after completing the isolation they performed cardiological studies.

In the last hours, the results of the tests carried out by the infected players covid-19 They delivered the final discharge for the Colombian to join the training sessions. Even the Doll included him in the list of those summoned for the next commitment.

The surprise on the list was the presence of youth Santiago Simón, who to 18 years has its first citation with the First. The midfielder had a great jump from the sixth directly to the reserve, where he played five games. He was born in José C. Paz, Buenos Aires province, on June 13, 2002. His height is 1.78 m, he has a right-handed profile and his natural position is that of a right-hand drive, although he has also served as a pointer .

“I am a player with a lot of speed and power. I like to overflow and kick a lot at goal. Game of steering wheel by the right and also of pointer by the same band. In Sixth I added more rhythm and they make me do the whole band. That means that he can play in various positions. In the Youth Team they are putting me as a midfielder, because they are going to play with 5 in the background. And in River many times I play as a forward ”, was his letter of introduction to the official website of River at the end of 2019.

Santiago Simón had a great year and was called up from sixth to reserve by Juanjo Borrelli, who directed it in both categories. In addition, he joined the campus champion of the South American Sub 17 and He played the last World Cup with the National Team in 2019. “I arrived in 2013 and started playing in children’s games. About River I really liked Palacios and Juanfer Quintero, although he does not play in my position. Today my reference is Enzo Pérez. I copy things from the Brazilian William, (Arsenal of England), the dribble and the change of pace it has. And from Colombian Square, how the spaces are manufactured and win in hand-to-hand. Some come out, “he acknowledged.

Santiago Simón, the surprise of Marcelo Gallardo's squad list to face Banfield (Official River) Santiago Simón, the surprise of Marcelo Gallardo’s squad list to face Banfield (Official River)

A possible team to face Banfield would be with Enrique Bologna; Milton Casco, Augusto Aguirre, Bruno Zuculini and Fabricio Angileri; Jorge Carrascal, Leonardo Ponzio, Santiago Sosa and Cristian Ferreira; Lucas Pratto and Federico Girotti or Lucas Beltrán.

The squad, which will return to work on Thursday afternoon and then remain focused, carried out technical and tactical exercises with ball by sectors in confined spaces and a routine for defining forwards and midfielders.

The Millionaire will visit the Drill on Friday night at the Fourth date of the Professional League Cup with an alternative team as Napoleon is going to reserve most of the starters to play against Atlético Paranaense on Tuesday, November 24.

Regarding the players called up for the Playoffs, Franco Armani, Gonzalo Montiel, Nicolás de la Cruz, Robert Rojas and Paulo Díaz They will join the work of tomorrow since most will return to the country in the course of the day.

Anyway, the Paraguayan arrived in time for the tests Red and the chilean Diaz, while the rest of the summoned had already been analyzed by the national teams Argentina Y Uruguay.

The steering wheel case From the cross was followed with particular interest by the medical corps of River and that is why they are going to intensify the protocols these days to be able to carry out another study on the weekend.

Finally for the continued match schedule, Gallant He will have to rotate the team in the two competitions since, if he manages to qualify for the Libertadores quarterfinals, next month he will play no less than seven games in three weeks.


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