Updated on 07/27/2020 at 19:48

Marcelo Bielsa continues to talk about the formidable campaign he carried out with the Leeds United at the Championship. On this occasion, the Argentine strategist was awarded the coach of the year in the English promotion championship.

The strategist led the project of the ‘Whites’ that managed to ascend to the next Premier League after 16 years of absence in the highest category. Also, the rosarino cast kept the title of the contest.

Bielsa He surpassed the other three coaches who were nominated by the union in this category: Slaven Bilic of West Brom, Paul Cook of Wigan and Thomas Frank of Brentford.

The technician, after learning of the victory at the ceremony, sent a message broadcast on the Sky Sports network. “I want to thank you for the award you give me. For me it has a special value because it was decided by vote of the coaches who participate in the tournament that obtained Leeds« , start.

“The fact that it is colleagues who decide to highlight or reward my participation is very valuable to me. Awards are usually a recognition of the success achieved by a particular team. In this case, the title obtained by Leeds is rewarded ”, he adds. Bielsa.

“I know perfectly well all the help I have received to carry out this task, to collaborate with the achievement that was achieved. So, I want to convey thanks to the institution and authorities that hired me and allowed me to work in English football, « said the Argentine

Bielsa He also expressed gratitude for the people who accompanied him on the team, the fans and especially the footballers he had under command throughout the campaign.

“The most important recognition is for the players, who take on the most difficult part of football, which is to play, act, compete and in this case succeed. Coaches are always the product of the players we have to lead. In that case I want to emphasize my recognition before them, also to the organization that gives me the award, « he concluded.


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