Marcelo Bielsa affirms that he got tired of trying what Guardiola does

Being in England allowed Marcelo bielsa go head-to-head against Pep Guardiola, a coach for whom he claims to have genuine admiration. He respects him for his work and claims that his team is indecipherable.

The “Loco” spared no praise towards Sampedor’s coach in an interview for DAZN: “He is a magical man, what he knows how to do is extremely difficult for me to try and I have already given up, but I have genuine admiration for him. that makes”.

And to round out his concept of Pep, he revealed that “interpreting the innovative decisions that he incorporates into a game is already a way of falling in love with football.” Those words from Bielsa reaffirm the work that the Spanish has achieved with the citizens this season.

Now he is getting ready to live a new experience against Manchester City next Saturday, April 10. “The City is always indecipherable,” warned the Argentine.

Regarding the hardest thing that touches him as a coach, he affirms that it is the disappointment or sadness with which he sees the fans leave when the team he directs loses. “It is the hardest weight a coach carries. When the game ends and you go home and lost, you have the sadness of many people in your charge ”, he closed.