Marc Márquez: “It will be difficult to be 100% when I return”

On March 28, the MotoGP World Championship in Qatar and today the presence of Marc Márquez is the first race of the year is more than a utopia. The Spanish champion clarified in the virtual presentation of the new Sling that he is doing well after his last operation on his left arm but neither he nor the doctors know when he will be back on the slopes. So everything indicates that Cervera will not be in the season premiere in MotoGP.

Marc Márquez made it clear in a video published this Monday by Sling that every day he is better in his recovery, that this is going according to plan but that there is still no specific date to get back on the Honda. «I don’t know when I’ll be ready and neither do the doctors … but every week I feel better. I do not know when I will be ready, but I am optimistic to be on the bike as soon as possible, “he said.

Marquez He also noted that he misses the asphalt and everything that surrounds racing. «I miss the speed, the adrenaline… but in reality I miss everything; running, competing, the atmosphere of the circuit, the interviews… ».

“It is the first time in my career that I have been away for 10 months and we will see if I am 100% when I return. You cannot expect to arrive after a year of injury and be the same as before. You have to understand it. It will be difficult to be 100% and we will see if it takes a race or two to get into shape. My goal for 2021 is to get back on the bike and enjoy, ”he said.

Good news from the doctors

“That is the most important. Every time I see the doctor he gives me good news and that is important after such a hard year. Now I just try to follow my body, gradually increasing the work at home with the help of the physios, but neither the doctors nor I know when I will be ready to return. The important thing is every week I feel better and I am optimistic about getting on the bike as soon as possible, but I don’t know exactly what day it will be », he reiterated.