Marc Márquez: “I’m optimistic, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to compete again” | sports

The MotoGP World Championship begins on March 28 at the Losail circuit (Qatar) and no one dares to say whether by then Marc Márquez will form on the starting grid. Not even he himself wants to set a date on the calendar after the injury that left him out of the competition for the entire 2020 season. “I don’t know and I can’t say, because the doctors don’t know either, when I’ll be ready. The bone is consolidating well, which is the priority now and the most important thing. Every week I feel a little better. I am optimistic when I think about when I will get back on the bike; I will do it as soon as possible. Although I don’t know exactly when that day will be, ”he declared in a previously recorded interview that was broadcast this Monday through different broadcast channels, including YouTube. The interview was framed in the official presentation of the Honda team.

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A double fracture in the humerus of his right arm for which he was operated on twice last July and for which, after complications derived from a pseudoarthrosis in the same area, he had to undergo surgery a third time in the month December – by then, he changed hospital and medical team and placed his trust in Dr. Samuel Antuña and his team at the Ruber Hospital in Madrid – the athlete has been out for seven months. Márquez, who fell during the first race of last season, in Jerez, did not get on a motorcycle since that July, when he tried a hasty return to the tracks that led to the second fracture. Now he works tirelessly but patiently to return to competition. But he assumes that he will need patience: “My goal now is none other than to have fun with the bike again and, little by little, to return to being as fast as I was, but that takes time. I can’t expect to race again after a year without getting on the bike and being the same Marc. My hope is to get to the Qatar race, if it can’t be I’ll work to get to the second race and if it can’t, I’ll keep working ”.

In less than two weeks, on March 6, Losail hosts the official preseason training sessions for the MotoGP teams, but Márquez will not get on his new Honda despite claiming to feel better and better. “Every time I go to the doctor they give us good news and that is important. The past year was long and hard. Now we just try to follow my body. I work with the physio and with the medical supervision to try to increase the workloads a little more at home ”, he explained.

Six times world champion in the category, the one from Cervera (Lleida) celebrated his 28th birthday on Wednesday of last week as most celebrate the appointments indicated in times of pandemic: without great fuss, or parties or crowds. In his case, in addition, physical labor was imposed. That is giving results. As well as the athlete is taking slow but safe steps. This was observed in one of the last publications he made on his social networks, in which it was noticed how he has been recovering muscle mass in his right arm. And despite which, the pilot himself encouraged his followers to find “the seven differences.” Between the left part of your upper body and the right, less defined and bulky. “There are muscles that I haven’t worked since July, especially in the shoulder. I lack a lot of muscle mass and a lot of mobility. The doctor won’t let me lift more than three kilos with my right arm, ”he confessed this Wednesday.

“The first time I get on the bike I will not be 100%. One thing is to recover the bone and another for all the muscles to return to the way they were. We will see if it takes three or four races or half a season to be the same Marc, ”he declared this Monday. “We adapt to the circumstances and work to overcome obstacles,” wrote his physiotherapist, Carlos García, below. There are few people with whom Márquez has been more in contact in recent months.

The World Cup starts in a month with 21 scheduled appointments, some like those of Argentina or Texas pending confirmation and many others that hang by a thread. The unknowns about the calendar are less worrisome than Márquez’s return to racing. At Honda they only find the relief of being able to see Pol Espargaró, the official rider of the Japanese house, get on his RC213V for the next two seasons. The first time he shared a team with Márquez, the champion was only 11 years old and 29-year-old Pol had more than one head out of him.