Marc Márquez highlights that the victory at Sachsenring was important

06/24/2021 at 7:12 PM CEST


Spaniard Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda RC 213 V) continues to emphasize that the victory at Sachsenring (Germany) was important, but it is not the benchmark to work on and set.

“It was an important victory last Sunday and the most important thing is that it came at one of the hardest moments of my career and that is why it has come at a crucial moment in which it has allowed us to motivate both myself and the team, after a long time of drought of victories “, he remembers Marquez.

“Here -in Assen- we return to our real situation, but it has been important to win before the summer period and we will try to do our best in Assen, so that within a month we will continue working, improving and driving better than in Mugello and Montmeló, but I won’t be able to wait to be on the same level as Germany, “acknowledges the Repsol rider, who emphasizes the fact that victory gives them back” an important part of their morale. “

During the day a series of new changes in the calendar were known, with the cancellation of the race in Japan and the arrival of the Grand Prix of the Americas, in Austin, another of the “private preserves” of Marc Márquez, who acknowledged that “Austin is a circuit that I like, that’s good news for me for sure, and the bad news is that another race had to be canceled, but in the end having more races is better for the drivers.”

Weather conditions could also take center stage throughout the weekend, so Marc Márquez He pointed out that “the truth is that when a rider is slow, he prays that it rains, and it is true that if it rains on Sunday the possibilities will be much more open, but it gives me a little the same because I do not think it will change my final result and the important thing it is still taking a step forward and comparing Mugello and Montmeló with Assen, not with Sachsenring. “

The Repsol Honda rider says he is “prepared to suffer, but if I pursue the goal of suffering I will fall again, as in Mugello or Montmeló, while at Sachsenring I was riding in a very fine and precise way, I know that circuit by heart and They were all left curves, with only three to the right, and that is why I could adequately control the changes of direction of the bike but here you can suffer four, five, seven or ten laps but if in the end you are suffering the whole race you can make a mistake”.

“The good thing for me this weekend is that the victory has given me great motivation on a mental level and we are convinced that we are capable of achieving it, but for the future, not for now,” he sincerely admits Marquez, who insists that “the objective of the weekend is to take a step forward but comparing it with Mugello and Montmeló, not with Sachsenring and that means trying to be among the top ten”.

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