Few could imagine that a 35-year-old man displayed great joy and excitement when playing 10 minutes of a friendly match, but the coronavirus has distorted all reality and makes life acquire a new meaning. It has been many months without being able to do what he likes the most Marc Gasol and the Spanish player returned to feel like a basketball player in the friendly against Portland Trail Blazers. It was important to start removing the rust as soon as possible to be able to enter a competitive rhythm and help Toronto Raptures aware that many of their options for success in the league depend on the contribution of this veteran player.

« I spent all day nervous and looking forward to the moment. I know it was a friendly game, but that special feeling of feeling like an NBA player again did not leave me. It was really exciting to be with my teammates on the court again, a lot has happened in recent times and I am happy to return to play and help my team as much as possible, « said a Gasol who played 10 minutes on ESPN, in which he scored three points and captured four rebounds.

The victory fell on the side of the Canadians against Portland Trail Blazers, but concern invaded the squad due to an untimely injury from Fred VanVleet, fundamental player in the rotation of the defenders of the ring. « He gave a strong blow to the knee and we did not want to force him. He has great resistance to pain, but this is a friendly so you have to be cautious. The priority is to reach the competitive side with all the troops, » said the coach. Nick Nurse when asked about the extent of the inconvenience of one of his core players on the roster. Toronto Raptors continues its set-up and promises strong emotions.