A bomb has gone off in the European media as a result of an information spilled by Xavi Saisó in SER Catalunya. It has been said that Marc Gasol seems to be knocking on the doors of the old continent to end his adventure in the North American league playing in the Toronto raptors.

They are already 35 years old and last season he conquered the ring in the Canadian franchise. His entire career in the Memphis Grizzlies was highly valued, but he needed to triumph at the collective level so that there is no doubt that the Catalan is a legend of the orange ball.

At the end of this year with the Raptors, Marc becomes a free agent and can choose where to play in the final years of his career. After what he achieved in Canada, he no longer has the pressure to continue competing, so he may take another destination away from the NBA.

Everything seems to indicate that the possibility of Gasol returning to play in Europe is for family reasons. This season he averaged 7.5 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists, so perhaps his value in free agency that begins in October in the NBA is not at its best. And more after not making the best playoffs either.

It was already seen how Nikola Mirotic rejected a great contract in the NBA to go to Barcelona, ​​so we will have to be aware once the market starts to find out what happens to the Spanish basketball legend.