There are people who are worthy of analysis and study because of the way they have managed to evolve on a physical and mental level. Marc Gasol He did not seem to be called to the levels of success he has achieved, but based on tenacity, sacrifice and, above all, a supernatural intelligence both on and off the court, he has become one of the best Spanish players in history and a benchmark in NBA. His defensive ability is within the reach of very few, being also a vocal and spiritual leader in his teams, as well as a tremendous talent in attack. In an interview for Complex, he reflects on various issues of interest.

– How are you on a physical and mental level to fight for the ring. « The season was being very frustrating because I had a lot of physical discomfort that was preventing me from helping the team as I wanted. I never felt physically and mentally, so I took advantage of the quarantine to do a great job advised by my entire team, » ensures a man who has been amazed by his weight loss, for the sake of becoming a more mobile, flexible and long-running career player.

– Perception of basketball in your life. « It is only a part of our lives and I think it is important that we do not dedicate so much time to fully absorb and enjoy other things. You can only free yourself and look at things with perspective when you realize the greatness of basketball. The moment is worth enjoying, that is what I would like to convey to the younger ones, « said the Toronto Raptors center.

– Attitude on the court and hunger for glory. His calm on the track may convey a mistaken image of Marc, who defines himself as a competitive animal and a voracious player. « Kindness should not be confused with weakness, I always go out for everyone and as soon as I can, I will go out to defeat you. I love my work, interacting with my opponent is great and what motivates me the most is defending great players and beating them Embiid, Gobert and the games against the Warriors have been great challenges that required absolute concentration, « he said. Marc Gasol.