Marc Anthony? Maluma reveals which celebrity kisses best

Marc Anthony?  Maluma reveals which celebrity kisses best (EFE)

Marc Anthony? Maluma reveals which celebrity kisses best | .

The famous singer Maluma He was asked which artist was the best kisser, to which his answer caused great controversy among all surprising of course with the name that he revealed, surely no one imagined it.

Maluma has always been close to his followers and tries to be present or close to them whenever he can, that is why I held a session of questions and answers where his biggest fans asked him a series of questions.

In them, one of the questions that most attracted the attention of Internet users was about which celebrity kisses much better, among the options were Marc Anthony, Madonna and Maradona.

It is important to note that this video of the confessions was shared last year during the month of November, however, this caused great controversy and quickly became a trend, as it revealed things that had never been said before.

After the question, Maluma looked a bit nervous and began by explaining that Marc Anthony had never been kissed nor to Maradona, so his answer was Madonna.

This video was shared on the YouTube channel of Cárdenas Marketing Network and to this day it has almost a million views and endless reactions from Internet users.

Another question that perhaps many have asked themselves and that dared to write to him was whether he sleeps dressed or how God brought him into the world, to which he replied:

It depends, if one has company, “Maluma replied.

This answer surely made more than one person feel warm, because with it I leave many things to the imagination that has undoubtedly been of benefit.

On the other hand, recently Maluma He brought out his more Mexican side and joined Carlos Rivera in the song and music video “100 años”.

As you remember and we mentioned, a few days ago Carlos Rivera shared a photograph in which he wrote in the description “100 years” and without giving many details, the followers of the researcher of “Who is the mask” immediately realized that it could be treated of a new song.

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Later, all this was confirmed when Carlos Rivera and Maluma shared on their social networks that they had collaborated on the song “100 años”, which is now available on all streaming platforms.

And if it was not enough, Maluma and Carlos Rivera recorded a music video for said song and in it the singers are observed separately in different sets where, accompanied by a mariachi, they perform “100 años”.

That was how the Colombian made his debut in the Mexican regional genre with this song; For his part, it is not the first time that singer Carlos Rivera sings with mariachi, since although his musical career is now more linked to pop and ballads, the winner of “La Academia” in the beginning performed songs with mariachi.

As expected, the reactions to this unexpected collaboration did not wait and it has become a trend, however, before the imminent premiere of the song, several reactions arose, as those of those who thought that this collaboration would be between Maluma and Christian Nodal, those who are very happy with it or those who are completely dissatisfied with it.

Wasn’t this song with Nodal? ”,“ I’m dying of happiness ”,“ You were wrong with Maluma ”,“ I never thought you would disappoint me in such a way ”,“ Beautiful Carlos, but you ruined the song with Maluma ”, they were some of the comments that highlighted.

It is worth mentioning that the doubt about whether the song would be with Belinda’s boyfriend arose after the Colombian singer expressed his interest in doing it on more than one occasion, although it was finally not materialized due to problems of agreements between the record companies of the two artists.

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