Maradona’s psychiatrist declares before the Justice


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Agustina Cosachov, the psychiatrist who treated Diego Maradona In the weeks prior to his death last November, he declared this Friday before the Justice accused of an alleged “simple homicide with eventual intent” and denied having responsibility for the death of the soccer star.

Vadim mischanchuk, lawyer of Cosachov, spoke at a press conference from the door of the Prosecutor’s Office and assured that her client showed “the file where it was proven that she was the psychiatrist” and that “it had nothing to do with the clinical control of the patient.”

“The patient unfortunately died of a coronary issue that is not related in any way to the psychiatric issues that she attended,” he said.

The other six accused by the Argentine Justice in the cause of the soccer star’s death are the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, the psychologist Carlos Diaz, the doctor who coordinated home care Nancy forlini, the nurse coordinator Mariano Perroni, and the nurses Ricardo Omar Almirón Y Dahiana gisela Madrid.

This crime provides a penalty of between 8 and 25 years in prison.

Madrid, Almiron, Forlini, Perroni Y Diaz declared in the last days and only remains Luque.

In order to Mischanchuk, lawyer of Cosachov, “There is no risk of arrests in this file.”

In May, the report of a medical board made up of eleven experts was presented, which evaluated the circumstances of the death of the star and concluded that the performance of the health team that assisted Maradona was “inadequate, deficient and reckless”, and that he abandoned ” luckily the patient’s health status “.

Mischanchuk He argued this Friday that “from the point of view of the patient’s mental health, she had no requirement of an internment in a psychiatric clinical institution” and that “from the clinical point of view it is not her (Cosachov) the one indicated to determine those needs “.

Families of the former soccer player and some of the defendants had pointed to Cosachov Y Luque, mainly, already Diaz, to a lesser extent, as those responsible for making decisions about Maradona’s health.

The autopsy on the body of the former captain and former Argentina coach determined that he died as a result of “acute lung edema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure.”

They also discovered a “dilated cardiomyopathy” in his heart.

Maradona suffered from alcohol addiction problems, had been admitted to a clinic in La Plata on November 2, 2020 due to anemia and dehydration and a day later he was transferred to a sanatorium in the Buenos Aires town of Olivos, where he was operated on by a subdural hematoma.

On November 11, he was discharged from hospital and moved to a house in a private neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where he died on November 25.

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