Maradona will sue Netflix for making biographical film without his consent | Instagram

Diego Maradona will start legal actions against the Netflix platform after having made without your consent a movie biographical of him, reason why the ex- captain of the Selection will resort to Justice.

As it had been well known, Amazon is producing the Serie « Blessed Dream« Although not yet a release date. Now, Netflix is ​​in the process of bringing Maradona’s life to the screen with a movie.

The film will be in charge of Paolo Sorrentino, an Italian director who in 2013 won the Oscar for best foreign film for The Great Beauty.

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However, although « It has been the hand of God« The name of the film has run into a few bumps along the way.

Diego Maradona did not authorize the use of his image for this film, ”said his lawyer, Matías Morla.

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Such statement was made by his lawyer through his official account of Twitter where he also indicated that they would take legal measures in this regard.

With our Italian colleagues we are already diagramming the legal strategy to make a formal presentation before the Justice for the misuse of a registered trademark ”.

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If it’s the world football starMaradona, not everything is so simple, because your name is already a registered trademark and you have already taken legal measures before other things.

It is worth mentioning that this it’s not the first time that his team of lawyers is facing a lawsuit of this style for the misuse of his image.

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Since in 2019, Maradona, through Morla, won a millionaire trial for Konami, a Japanese video game company, because he designed Diego in one of his games without his official authorization.

This is undoubtedly shocking news, since it could harm a large percentage of the Netflix company, but the question is, why did not acquire the rights of your image first?

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It only remains to wait for what happens in the coming days and see if they achieve be in some agreement, or see if they will go to court for the big mistake Netflix made.