Maradona cries in the Bombonera

Enrique Gastañaga Buenos Aires

Cries Maradona from the sky. Insurance. He is moved by what happens in the Bombonera. From above D10S watches everything. See how the players of Mouth they shout the first goal against Newell’s carrying his last name on his back. See how they run to celebrate in front of that box that he occupied so many times as the most uncontrolled of the Bosteros fans. Watch how they spread out a shirt of the Argentine National Team on the grass. See how they clap with their eyes fixed on that place that belongs to them, where their daughter is now Dalma, who explodes in tears …

The Bombonera does not need to be overflowing with people to beat, to emit different sensations. Also empty that stadium is a unique trigger of emotions. It is Boca’s tribute to Diego and it is verified again with a singular surprise. One of the 10’s daughters accepts the special invitation. Father Diego I would have said: “Go”. And she was. It is his first public appearance after the burial of the Fluff. And it is worth it. The temple trembles.

It was missing to discover Boca’s tribute to its most famous fan, to its best ambassador in the world, to that fairytale footballer that he enjoyed in two stages. Boca decided that all its footballers for one day be called Maradona. The last name of 10 appeared on the back of each of the players. Even the technician Miguel
Russo he wore one of those shirts on his entrance to the field.

There were also flags of all kinds in the stands with references to Maradona. A giant behind the arch that Diego He had given to the bar brava. Another near the box where he was Dalma, with the legend “Welcome home”, released the last time Pelusa stepped on the Bombonera, already as a gymnastics coach, this year. And a third with a more than eloquent inscription: “The ball was punctured. AD10S “.

All the lights of the Bombonera at halftime went out, except the one in one place, the one in the box Maradona. That light stayed on, like the night of Diego’s death. Several pictures of 10 hanging on the white walls could be clearly seen. Dalma He had come out so that at that moment it would be seen as empty.

As i wish Maradona, Boca won. It was 2 to 0 with goals from the Colombian Edwin
Cardona. And in the end, more emotion. The footballers decided to dedicate the victory to Diego. Then they walked back to the box. There they stood and clapped. Dalma, already without a mask, she cried inconsolably. His lips could be clearly read: “Thank you, thank you very much,” he said while touching his heart to reinforce the feeling of gratitude.

In this context, what did Newell’s in the Bombonera hours after the universal impact caused by Lionel
Messi in celebrating his goal against Osasuna? The leprous players came out with the shirt of the Argentine National Team, like all the teams in the league. The distinctive touch was provided by the captain Maxi
Rodriguez, who raised with his hands a version of the 10 that Diego used during his time at the club in 1993, the same one that Leo a while before had viralized all over the planet.

Justly Maxi
Rodriguez He was also on the verge of tears as soon as the match ended, at the moment of putting words to a special day: “Diego also played for our club. He put on that shirt. It is something nice to live it, to be here today, at home. Having that shirt in your hands is a responsibility and a tribute to him ”. Further, Maxi he referred to the gesture of Messi: “When I saw what he did, I sent him a message. It is impressive how great it is. What he did Leo is to take off the hat. That photo is going to be engraved in the hearts of Argentines and the whole world. Talk about his human quality. Then I was able to speak ”. What has Messi told him? He answered it himself Maxi: “Leo told me he did it because he felt it. That is the important thing. When one does it from the heart and feels it, everything else is superfluous ”.

Messi’s celebration dedicated to Maradona

The day of the return of football to Argentina after the death of Maradona He had played the Gymnastics that Pelusa directed. Now they crossed Boca, the club of his loves, and Newell’s, that team in which he starred in a handful of games. This Monday it is the turn of Argentinos Juniors, where Diego made his debut.

It seems like a calendar programmed by destiny, designed so that emotions do not overlap and so that the tribute to Maradona be as it should be: eternal.