Manzana. They present new inclusive emojis with update iOS 14.5


Mexico City / 18.02.2021 05:43:27

Apple has increased the list of emojis that will be available in its iOS mobile operating system, which will have new designs, including a new look for the mask emoji and 200 new designs for inclusive couples.

The latest beta of the operating system, iOS 14.5, introduces a total of 217 new emoji designs that come from the Emoji 13.1 standard and that are added to those that could already be used with the keyboard, as reported by the specialized portal Emojipedia.

Most of these designs, a total of 200, correspond to emojis of inclusive couples, in which different skin tones and genders are combined for the LGTBI community, as well as the possibility of adding a beard -also for women-.

New to iOS 14.5 include new emoticons such as the exhaling face, the face with spiral eyes, and the face surrounded by clouds. The beta of the Apple system also allows the use of two new heart emojis: one bandaged and the other on fire.

Likewise, the novelties in the iOS emojis also include a modification in the syringe emoji, in which it stops containing blood and now contains a liquid, in reference to vaccines instead of blood extraction.

Apple has completed the novelties in the design catalog with another modification in the emoji of the headphones, which happens to have the same appearance as its AirPods Max, announced in December, as well as the emoticons of desktops, laptops, telephones and smart watches are already inspired by their devices.

The new emojis are only in iOS beta 14.5, which is currently only available to developers and will be released in the spring.