Manuel Elvira places second in Italy with his lowest lap in the Challenge

Manuel Elvira. (© Golffile | Fran Caffrey)

Nacho elvira slept this Thursday as a leader in the Cazoo Open from Wales European tour and just a few hours later he is his brother, Manuel Elvira (-11) the one who has assaulted the head in the Italian Challenge. The Elvira (birdie) virus is already a pandemic. From Wales to Italy. Elvira Family Festival. The smaller of the two, Manuel, today delivered a fantastic 64-stroke card in the Margara Golf Club of Fubine, a charming town located between Turin Y Milan. He is not a leader, but almost. It is second to a blow from the French Frederic lacroix (-12).

Those 64 strokes, seven under par, with eight birdies and a lone bogey, already in their own right became Elvira’s best lap of her career at the Challenge Tour. This year he had already delivered two 65s, one of them, precisely, last Sunday in the last round of the Euram Bank Open. That golf day was the appetizer of what was going to happen today. “What happened a week ago in Austria was a way to gain confidence in my game. This year the results have not turned out as I expected, but I did have a couple of good laps. I’m very happy with today’s round, ”he confessed to Ten Golf shortly after signing his card.

The key to Manu’s great golf day has been the start. He started the day with four consecutive birdies from hole 1 to 4. “It was the dream start, hitting very good shots and making very good putts of four and five meters,” he says. However, perhaps the turning point of the round, which has finally allowed him to reach that result of 64 strokes, has been what happened on holes 6 and 7. After that great staging, Elvira has suffered the first bogey of the day in the second par 3 of the route. In a way, that mistake put a stop to his march and he ran the risk of losing the good path he was leading. However, the Cantabrian golfer has managed to throw it to the ground, has kept a cool head and reacted with an immediate birdie on 7. Suddenly, the bogey on 6 had no longer happened …

In this sense, Manu attaches great importance to the psychological aspect of the lap. “I am very happy with the fact that I have been able to keep a cool head all day and have focused on the process,” he says. This mental balance and the ability to go shot by shot, keeping the reins of the head tightly tied short so as not to go further, gave as a reward the shot of the day at hole 18, the last of the day. From about 80 meters he left it for a birdie. Glorious auction.

The idea now is to maintain this same attitude during the two remaining days. “The biggest goal in Italy is to play quietly and focus on the process, without looking beyond the results or the position in the tournament,” he says. Right now, of course, he has nothing to look at, rather it is the others who turn their necks up and see Manuel Elvira.

By the way, between Nacho and Manu there is no shortage of good advice every time it is required and needed, but in the last hours they have not had much time to talk either. Yesterday, in fact, they finished very late, but they did send some messages wishing each other luck and, above all, remembering the importance of patience. We do like the transmission of this virus.

You also have to look high up to find again, yes, again, to Santi Tarrío (-9). The Galician player is huge. He’s third solo after delivering a 66-shot card with six birdies and a solo bogey. Their weekly golf exhibition is outrageous. Remember that with a third victory you would be promoted directly to the European Tour. This weekend in Italy he will fight for it again.

Ten Spaniards have passed the cut

In the same way, David Borda (-4), Borja Virto (-4), Javier Sainz (-4), Scott Fernández (-2), Lucas Vacarisas (-2), Ángel Hidalgo (-2), have passed the cut. Alfredo García Heredia (-1) and Jordi García del Moral (-1). Iván Cantero was left out by a single blow.

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