Manuel El Loco Valdés fights a great battle, he would have been intubated to drain his lungs | Instagram

Apparently, the health of the remembered comedian Manuel « Crazy« Valdés has been compromised and recently it became known that they had to »tubing it« again to drain his lungs.

It was last weekend when the actor and comedian better known as « Crazy » Valdes returned again to hospital after presenting a serious health crisis.

A strong relapse caused the histrionic to require immediate medical attention, according to his grandson Ivan valdes.

It is worth mentioning that « Crazy« is fighting a tough battle against the Cancer for more than three years.

It may interest you Manuel El Loco Valdés already has his will ready for the time of his departure, they reveal

Now a new crisis that he presented this weekend would have put him in serious danger after they had to « drain his lungs. »

It was in an interview with the program « Ventaneando » where the grandchild of the comedian detailed the details

This weekend the grandfather went through a half crisis, he began to have a cough that began to get complicated. The pulmonologist was spoken to and they detected a slight pneumonia, « he said.

Fortunately, the attention the actor received was crucial and they managed to stabilize him, although at one point it was not a very worrying situation, said the grandchild of the actor.

At the moment yes (it was alarming) because the oxygenation levels drop, it gets very watery.

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Apparently, the actor began with symptoms since last Friday and by Saturday they had to call the doctor after Valdes express « feeling very bad ».

They had to intubate him ”, revealed Iván about the procedure that was followed to drain his lungs, and that it worked properly. « Yesterday he was already chattering. »

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Until now, the health of the comedian has been reported as « stable« However, as we have stated on other occasions, it is not the first time that the actor has presented some crises

It is not the first time that you have a crisis of this kind. If you have had ups and downs, (you need) additional precautions to avoid complicating other things, « he added.

He actor, who in his time was a well-known comedian after his participation in the last program « Crazy Salad« He suffers from some complications derived from a tumor lodged in his head.

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Such reasons would have led to actor to get ready your will by the time you receive the divine call.

According to the grandson of Valdes, Ivan revealed that his grandfather already has the matters regarding his inheritance and his « last will » ready.

I’m just asking you one favor: try to keep my image as beautiful as possible. The happiest, the most jovial, that people remember me when I was healthy, which was the happiness of the home « , » El Loco « said to his grandson.

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Similarly, he pointed out that regarding its exclusivity on television, Ivan, reiterated that fortunately, the opposite of what happened with Silvia Pinal, your grandfather if he receives his monthly payment from Televisa otherwise, he would not have a way to cover all the expenses of his illness, he points out.

If they take away his exclusivity, then they do annihilate him, definitely, he could no longer pay for his nurses or medicines, the rented beds and the hospital equipment at home, he pays for them, he said.